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Hong Kong Monetary Authority

InSight: Hong Kong’s strategic position of “leveraging on the Mainland while engaging the world”
8 Feb 2018

HKMA Quarterly Bulletin: Recent Progress of the HKMA Infrastructure Financing Facilitation Office
28 Sep 2017

inSight: Infrastructure Investment – a Timeless Form of Investment
19 Sep 2017

inSight: Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation
18 May 2017

inSight: A Promising Future for Infrastructure Investment and Financing
12 April 2017

inSight: The Official Launch of IFFO
28 June 2016

inSight: Infrastructure Financing: Belt and Road Strategy and Hong Kong's Role
7 April 2016

Infrastructure Investment

Payment Mechanisms 
Currie & Brown 21 June 2017  

APAC Insight Issue 3 – APAC faces long term challenges
Currie & Brown June 2017 

The Infrastructure Opportunities: Listed vs Unlisted
Legg Mason Global Asset Management June 2017

Infrastructure Indices
Legg Mason Global Asset Management June 2017

StrategicRISK Asia Pacific Edition 

Jardine Lloyd Thompson Limited Q1 2017

APAC Insight Issue 2 – China sets its sights on 30 percent of global GDP 

Currie & Brown March 2017 

Reference Term Sheet for Infrastructure Investments in Emerging Markets 
Hong Kong Monetary Authority March 2017


Managing Construction Risk 

Currie & Brown 23 February 2017

Closing the Financing Gap – Infrastructure Project Bankability in Asia 
Marsh & McLennan Companies 2017

Belt & Road and International Cooperation 
Eastspring Investments 2017

APAC Insight Issue 1 – 5 percent growth predicted despite ongoing skill shortage 
Currie & Brown December 2016 

Playing by the Rules 
Currie & Brown 30 November 2016

Mega Knowledge for Mega Projects 
Currie & Brown 8 August 2016


Assessing the true value of infrastructure investment
KPMG February 2016

Foresight publications: Emerging Trends in Infrastructure 2016
KPMG January 2016

Infrastructure Investment: Bridging the Gap Between Public and Investor Needs
BlackRock November 2015

Fresh thinking puts infrastructure financing within reach
KPMG October 2015

The Mainstreaming of Renewable Power: Growth of an Infrastructure Sector
BlackRock September 2015

Local Currency Bonds and Infrastructure Finance in ASEAN+3
Asian Development Bank July 2015

Infrastructure Finance and Financial Sector Development
Asian Development Bank April 2015

Infrastructure Rising: An asset class takes shape
BlackRock April 2015

Infrastructure Seamless Asia
Asian Development Bank September 2009

HSBC Global Connections

KPMG Infrastructure Website

KPMG Insight Magazine

Hong Kong’s Role in Infrastructure Investment and Financing

港鐵模式可助中國高鐵走向世界 (Chinese version)
Sing Tao Daily 20 May 2016

Power Play Along the Belt and Road
HKTDC  January 2016

Belt and Road Initiative

中國建築2017可持續發展報告(Chinese version only)
CSCEC 2017

Greening The Belt and Road
City of London September 2017

Prospects and challenges on China’s ‘one belt, one road’: a risk assessment report
The Economist Intelligence Unit 2016

InSight: Hong Kong’s strategic position of “leveraging on the Mainland while engaging the world”
8 Feb 2018

One Belt, One Road: Risks and Countermeasures for Chinese Companies
Marsh & McLennan Companies 28 April 2016

China’s Rise: The AIIB and the ‘One Belt, One Road’
Marsh & McLennan Companies 27 April 2016

Opportunities Arising from China's 13th Five-Year Plan: An Overview
HKTDC   April 2016

The ASEAN Link in China’s Belt and Road Initiative
HKTDC   September 2015

一帶一路有利香港債市進一步發展 (Chinese version)
BoCHK   August 2015

Country Investment Information

“一帶一路” 經濟版圖 (Chinese version only)

經濟學人企業網路組織 2016年

“One Belt, One Road” Mapping China's Main Outbound Route

Pinsent Masons   August 2016

Kazakhstan Welcomes China’s Belt and Road Initiative

HKTDC   April 2016

Lithuania: A Maritime Link between East and West
HKTDC   March 2016

Kazakhstan: A Modern Silk Road Partner
HKTDC  January 2016

South American Infrastructure Projects Vie for Belt and Road Funding

HKTDC   December 2015

Sri Lanka: A Key Node on the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road

HKTDC    August 2015

Infrastructure Projects Mount as Africa Readies for Belt and Road

HKTDC   August 2015